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Philadelphia Collegiate Roller Hockey League

Calling all team reps!

 September 15th, 2014 at 8:35PM  September 15th, 2014 8:36PM

The following email was sent out Monday afternoon, 9/15.  If you did not receive the email and/or are a new team, please email [email protected] as soon as possible!

Greetings all,
This email is going out to the list of 2013-14 PCRHL team reps, as well as the NEW 2014-15 team reps that I have (SJU, Temple, Villanova).  This will be the last email that goes out to the 13-14 distribution, so if you are no longer the team rep, but can pass along information to the right contact, it would be most appreciated.  If you are remaining as the team rep for the 14-15 season, please let me know so that I can update as appropriate.

The 2014-15 PCRHL Season will begin very shortly.  Attached is the registration packet to fill out (please note that the versions on PCRHL are outdated, but I am unable to remove them at this time).  Most of the general information will remain the same.  The cost will be $2500 per team, all inclusive (rink time, ref fees, web site, championship trophies, etc.).  Teams that require invoices should contact Mike Jacobs at [email protected] as soon as possible to get that process started. 

As usual, we are planning on having two divisions as we have had in the past, however that decision will be finalized when all registration packets are in. 

The biggest change to the league process this year is that due to differences in school calendars, it's become increasingly difficult to try to schedule all teams for the same amount of games, without a number of doubleheaders and/or off-weeks (the latter of which I try to avoid).  As such, we'll be moving to a win % based standings.  Every team will play every other team, and in as structurally equivalent means as possible.  However, teams that are available more will have the benefit of more games (approaching the desired 14-16 frame), and teams that are less available will play what they can make.  This should incentivize teams to be more available than in years past, but those teams that cannot be for whatever reason will not affect the teams that are.

Otherwise, the packet is attached.  As soon as enough teams are ready to start, we'll start scheduling games!  I also plan on releasing a league-wide schedule for the year so that team reps can better plan for games as well as other events such as the All-Star Game that has been absent from the last couple years.

Hope to hear from all schools - plus any new teams - as soon as possible.
-Brian Smith
PCRHL Commissioner


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